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Are you impacted by the Security Protection Act or EU NIS 1&2 and concerned about cyber security or your property in cyberspace? We’re your strategic partner and provider in architecture design, security advisory, and security analysis.

With our architecture, you can focus on your core business and take advantage of new business opportunities in the digital world. In the area of confidentiality, we deliver a user-friendly compliant on-premises solutions for information classified as restricted or above.


We prefer to contribute early in any design process by providing holistic perspectives and methods for architecture design. We transform your old architecture step by step, making it stronger and harder while your business is still running.

Get you up to speed

Our fast-implemented architecture enables high-paced development and compliance processes. Both are done more easily inside a strong defense. Why do we have large brake discs on a sports car? Not to be able to brake fast, but to be able to drive fast!

We expand your cyber defense capability by starting with protecting your most valuable assets and then migrating your next-in-line priorities. We think big, start small, and scale fast.

Many of our competitors say they can take down the bad guys either before or during a breach. We focus on your defense instead.

Technologies or companies that dominate today dominate because they’re able to deliver force faster, harder, stronger, and smarter. That’s how we protect your property in cyberspace.

“No citadel is impenetrable as long as it has a road that fits a donkey with a pot of gold on its back.” – Philip II of Macedon, ruled 359-336 BC, father of Alexander the Great.

In other words, it doesn’t matter how strong a defense is if I can bribe the gatekeeper.

The best defense is a fast offense combined with a strong defense: a dynamic and adaptive system that can play it back at the enemy. That’s why we, together with the right architecture, provide you with a CDC/SOC through one of our partners, when appropriate.

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