The game changer

Ruby Cyber is changing the rules in the game of cyber. The game changer is sCloud: One Platform architecture and high pace.

If you play chess against Kasparov, you’ll lose.

If you study chess for three years, you’ll still lose.

If you can change the rules of the game, allowing only you to move two pieces every third round, you’ll win.

The longer the cyber game goes on with all the Kasparov’s out there, the closer you come to a checkmate. There isn’t an infinite numbers of moves. The question is whether it’s you or your enemy that will make the final move?

How can we help you to change your game? What’s your extra move?

All of our clients today need to be able to move data/information in a controlled way. How can you operate safely and be fully mobile? How can you secure your property in cyberspace, while still working, developing, and being compliant in this high-paced environment?

We help you by changing your conditions in cyberspace. That’s what we do.

Remember a technology fails until it succeeds. We’re using that to your advantage.

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”
– Sir Arthur Charles Clarke, British-Sri Lankan science fiction writer

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